Love Having Bare Body? Know Which Hair Removal Is Best For You

What is the Feeling of Having a bare Body?

Having a bare body creates a carefree feeling. Gone are the days you will have to wear long sleeves to cover that hair in your armpits. You are also free from wearing long pants just to hide those curly hairs on your legs. And, you are free to brag that bikini to your friends and boyfriend.

Thanks to the different methods of hair removal. You are free to do what you love. Your skin is soft and smooth. Your body looks younger and fresh. Now, let’s know these different methods that give satisfaction to women.

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What are the Methods for Hair Removal


Waxing – Waxing is ideal for removing hair from the bikini area, upper lips and the eyebrows. The waxing method can be painful for those with sensitive skin. It is most advisable, if necessary that waxing is performed by professionals only.

Sugaring  - Sugaring and waxing have the same longevity of hair growth span, it usually lasts for six weeks. But, unlike waxing the ingredients used in sugaring are non-toxic. It means, that the materials are gentler to the skin. And, because it’s natural, you won’t experience skin irritation and allergies after the treatment. Before living the spa, you will have a soft and smooth skin. Sugaring legs, bikini area, arm hair are the areas where sugaring is best used.

Bleaching – This treatment is mainly used for the body with small areas, particularly the face. This is also great for arm hair and eyebrow lightening. Bleaching is not ideal for treating bikini area, and skin with blemishes and broken. The effectivity of bleaching would only last for two weeks.

Depilatory cream – If you are new to hair removal practices, this treatment is ideal for you. You will only apply the cream to your desired body part and leave it for a little longer. After the long wait, you can either rinse it away or scrape the plastic the wraps your skin. The only downside here is that the treatment only lasts for three days.


Our Advice, Go Sugaring

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Of the four hair removal treatment that we tackle about, from the easiest to the hardest practice, only sugaring is not harmful to the skin. It uses natural ingredients like sugar, lemon, and water. If you compare sugaring to other treatments, this is by far the safest. Those treatments use chemical substances that would cost skin irritation, allergies, and pain.

If you want hair removal treatments that will give you soft and smooth skin without causing you pain, sugaring is the right treatment for you. No more, sharp shaver blades, harmful chemicals, and painful hair extraction. Sugaring assures you healthy and blemish-free skin.

Want to feel the true sense of bare body? Try sugaring treatment. You can essentially use it on any parts of your body. You won’t hesitate because there are no chemicals added to it, and if there are, it’s only essential oils for fragrance purpose.

Bare Body Sugar, gives you this opportunity to experience, sugaring legs, sugaring bikini area, sugaring hairy face, and arms.