One of the Things to Do in Winnipeg: Body Sugaring at Winnipeg's Sweetest Sugar Shop

Winnipeg is so full of life and will surely never fail to give you a fun time. This great place has a lot of equally great things to see and experience. It is full of parks, museums, historical sites, and landmarks.

There are so many things to do in Winnipeg. Life in this part of Manitoba practically never halts from the break of dawn until dusk and beyond.

Things to Do in Winnipeg: Sugaring!

Hop from the museums to the surrounding parks while savoring history and the neighboring age-old tourist structures. Make sure to drop by Bare Body Sugar, where only the best sugaring services for men and women in Winnipeg are performed.

Getting body sugaring will surely give you a boost to carry on with roaming around the beautiful city, and of course, make sure to end the day with some drinks at a local bar in your best getup.

What Is Body Sugaring?

Body sugaring may seem modern and relatively new to the ear, but it is an unwanted body hair removal treatment that, ironically, is ancient. The process has been in use for centuries and centuries.

Body sugaring basically involves the use of a thick honey-like paste that is a natural mixture of water, lemon, and sugar.

The solution is then applied and molded onto the skin where you want your hair removed. The application is applied in the opposite direction of the hair growth. The paste is swiftly peeled off in a sweeping motion that results in the extraction of the hair in the direction of the growth. Along with the stripped off paste is the unwanted hair as well as dead skin cells.

The procedure can be applied to the upper lip and chin, the bikini area, and the arms and legs. Body sugaring can also be applied to the chest and the back for men. The latter is specifically called “manscaping” at Bare Body Sugar.

Things to Do in Winnipeg - Sugaring

Body Sugaring vs. Body Waxing

Body sugaring is much more hygienic than body waxing.

Given the all-organic ingredients of the very simple lemon-water-sugar paste used in body sugaring, it is the much healthier option too.

Body sugaring is more sanitary in the sense that sugar, which is the main component of the concoction, is naturally resistant to germs, molds, and bad bacteria. Anything that is made of pure sugar and other natural elements basically leaves no breathing room for bacteria to grow and reproduce.

The paste used in the procedure is natural and safe to apply on all skin types. It does not cause any kind of irritation or inflammation, such as itchiness or rashes, because it is not at all chemically-infused.

A huge plus is that with body sugaring, you do not only rid your skin of unwanted hairs but your dead skin cells also come off with the paste. It is very important to note that only the dead cells are taken out and the live cells remain untouched, intact, and healthy. This is just not the case with body waxing.

Body Sugaring vs. Shaving

You can subscribe to body sugaring every three weeks initially. Then the need to undergo the procedure lessens over time because body sugaring is very effective with helping slow down or even completely halt hair regrowth.

On the other hand, your DIY daily shaving does not entirely extract the hairs right from the roots and follicles. It leaves behind evidence of the hairs. You would not actually be very confident showing off shaved legs when there is the obvious appearance of the hair very close to the skin. In addition, shaving also damages your skin and darkens the areas that you constantly shave. So give your skin a rest and put this at the of your list of things to do in Winnipeg.

One of the Things to Do in Winnipeg Bare Body Sugaring

Body Sugaring vs. Laser Hair Removal Treatment

So we have established that body sugaring is healthy. It is, in fact, the healthier choice compared to body waxing. It is also healthier than laser hair removal treatment.

For one, as you get rid of unwanted hairs, you do not expose yourself to unwanted radiation with body sugaring making this a must add to your things to do in Winnipeg list!

Laser hair removal treatment is already very invasive in that you will have topical anesthesia applied first because the laser’s pulling out of your hair is rather painful. The cream and the laser itself can result in inflammation, acne breakouts, and folliculitis. Not only that, hair removal with lasers is way more expensive than body sugaring.

With laser treatment, you rid your hair while in pain, under unhealthful radiation, and at a very unnecessarily high price. All these issues disappear with body sugaring.

In other words, when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair, body sugaring is the way to go.

So, add body sugaring at Bare Body Sugar to your things to do in Winnipeg checklist, and make sure you crash it out as a task done at the end of the day.