The Industries with the Most in Demand Jobs in Winnipeg

There are so many job and career opportunities around Winnipeg, Manitoba and you are probably wondering what industries have the most in-demand jobs in Winnipeg.
Presented here are some of the industries which have the most jobs in demand in Winnipeg.

top professional jobs in winnipeg

Professional Services Jobs in Winnipeg

A rather broad category, professional services jobs in Winnipeg include white collar occupations, not including finance services.
These occupations are lawyers, human resources experts, consultants, architects and engineers. These professions currently have many opportunities if you’d like to thrive and build a career in these respective industries.

Telecommunications, Media and Information Technology Jobs in Winnipeg

Also a broad term that encompasses several specific professions, such as, telecommunications, media and IT services jobs, IT support services representatives, and fiber optic and cable technicians, all of which are in demand in Winnipeg.
Software development as well as occupations that handle IT hardware also fall under this category. So do programmers, app developers and those professionals in the research and development sector.

Healthcare Jobs in Winnipeg

Jobs in Winnipeg that are in line with providing medical care to patients include physicians, nurses, psychologists, xray technicians and radiologists.

Also included in this category are in-home and nursing home caregivers and professionals who administer health and medical care systems and technical assistance in laboratories and pharmacies.

Hospitality, Hotel and Restaurant Jobs in Winnipeg

The food and beverage services industry jobs also are in high demand given Winnipeg’s consistently booming tourism sector.
The hospitality, hotel and restaurant jobs in Winnipeg include chefs and fry cooks, the maître d’, maids and maintenance keepers, and concierge supervisor and assistants.

Financial services jobs in Winnipeg

Occupations or positions in this category include bankers, accountants and auditors, investment brokers and financial advisers or financial administrators.
It is also important to state that this does not include professionals in the insurance sector of financial institutions.

Education Sector Jobs in Winnipeg

Basically, all teaching jobs both in private and government-operated schools, colleges and universities are part of the education sector workforce as well as the administrative and support positions within the educational institute.

Public Sector Jobs in Winnipeg

Civil servants in government offices are also in demand in Winnipeg. They provide public service as well as support to government agencies and institutions such as the provincial and municipal departments, and the parliamentary ministries.

agricultural jobs in winnipeg

Agriculture, Farming and Manufacturing Sector Jobs in Winnipeg

These include positions that produce or manufacture agricultural items as well as those that manage and handle their overall operations. They are the farm laborers, the manufacturing supervisors, the skilled traders, and quality assurance and quality control analysts.
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