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Is Sugaring Safe for Sensitive Skin?

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Are you considering going bare but are worried how your skin will react? Many of our first-time clients are concerned because they’ve heard about how rough wax can be on sensitive skin. You might experience red and inflamed areas, itchy bumps, or any number of other issues. Those men and women with sensitive skin have to take special precautions in order to be waxed safely without all of the adverse side effects. However, there is even better news: sugaring is a much safer alternative for those who have sensitive skin.

If you have been on the fence about whether your sensitive skin can handle sugaring, now’s the time to try it! Check out these reasons why sugaring is ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Sugaring uses an all-natural approach

Sensitive skin is bound to love sugaring much more than it loves waxing. It all starts with the actual mixture itself. Sugaring uses only sugar, lemon juice, and water to create a paste that is capable of gently removing your hair. This means that you’re applying only all-natural ingredients to the skin. If you are sensitive to different chemicals and fragrances, this could be the ideal formula for your hair removal. As an added bonus, it is much easier to wash off than wax.

We leave your skin cells intact

When you apply wax to your skin, it adheres to your live skin cells and the hair strands. This presents a problem when you go to remove the strips because it pulls off your skin cells along with it. Removing these cells is a part of the reason why individuals with sensitive skin have a difficult time with waxing. However, this isn’t the case with sugaring.

The sugar mixture doesn’t actually adhere to your skin cells when applied. It binds to your hair strands but leaves the skin intact. When we remove the sugaring paste, this looser bond makes it less painful for you. This is one of the major reasons why men and women with sensitive skin prefer sugaring over other methods of hair removal. You still get the clean, smooth feeling of being bare but without the pain, inflammation, and rash.

It won’t be nearly as hot

Applying sugar to your body only requires the paste to be a very warm instead of burning hot. You will likely find that this is much more comfortable during application. Even after the sugaring session, it could result in less redness and fewer blisters compared to waxing. Wax needs to be extremely hot which leads to an uncomfortable experience in your session. It can also lead to more blistering, swelling, and redness for those with sensitive skin issues.

Sugaring is great for people who want to go bare but still struggle with sensitive skin. It’s made from all-natural ingredients and has a lot of perks that make it more comfortable and gentler on skin than waxing. Be sure to give Bare Body Sugaring a call today to schedule yourself for one of our professional body sugaring sessions!

Is Body Sugaring Permanent?


Nobody wants to deal with unwanted body hair for the rest of their life. Many are turning to
body sugaring because it offers an all-natural way to effectively and permanently remove your
hair. If you have been wondering whether there is a real way to get rid your leg hair for good,
it’s time for you to take a closer look at sugaring services. There’s definitely some hope on the
horizon for everyone who is tired of shaving and waxing on a regular basis.

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How does body sugaring become permanent?

Well, you won’t see permanent hair removal on your very first treatment. Most experts
recommend coming back every few weeks depending on the area of the body you are focused
on. The reason many people don’t see their sugaring transform into permanent hair loss is that
they wait too long between their treatments. You should really come in as soon as your hair
reaches 1/8 inch in length.

When your body hair is removed while it is still short, it takes much longer for it to grow back.
This is how you start to lengthen the time in between your treatments. Removing your hair
early in its growth cycle is also the key to making your body sugaring a permanent thing. You
must remove the hair during its anagen phase, the point where it is shortest both above and
beneath the surface of the skin.

During the anagen phase, the hair is usually still attached to the follicle wall. Short hairs that are
removed through sugaring often take their grip on the follicle wall with them. Piece by piece,
sugaring can eventually cause the follicle wall to collapse altogether.

You won’t be able to regrow hair without the follicle wall in place. Even if you don’t collapse the
follicle wall for every strand, it is highly likely that your hair will grow back much thinner than it
did previously. Eventually, this is how your body sugaring becomes a permanent solution to
unwanted hair growth.

Does waxing make hair removal permanent?

If you are interested in sugaring, you might wonder whether waxing can produce the same
results. Maybe you’ve tried it in the past, but it just didn’t work for you. It’s time to see one of
the main reasons why sugaring and waxing differ.

Waxing can’t produce the same permanent results as body sugaring. People who wax might
experience hair that doesn’t grow back as quickly, but it will always come back eventually. The
hair is required to be much longer before it can effectively be waxed. It must enter into the
catagen stage of growth where the follicle is much longer. At this stage, the hair has detached
from the follicle wall which means you won’t be able to collapse it over time.

Are you ready to permanently get rid of your unwanted body hair? Let Bare Body Sugaring start
you on the process to lasting change and permanent hair removal with this all-natural

What Should I Know Before Doing My First Body Sugaring?

Have you finally been convinced that body sugaring is the way to go when it comes to removing unwanted body hair? This process is a little different than the more prevalent waxing and shaving, but it has a unique approach that is gentler on your skin. An all-natural approach can make a significant difference in how amazing your skin feels after your services are completed.

Preparation is key to a successful sugaring, no matter where you decide to go. Many of these tips will apply regardless of what area you intend to have sugared. For a little more information on how you can best prepare yourself for this intense beauty ritual, take a look at these key tips below.

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Make sure the area is clean and oil-free

You don’t want to head straight from the gym to your sugaring appointment without a shower in between. Exfoliating the skin around the area is important, as is the need for the hair to be completely clean. Don’t apply body lotions or oils just before heading to your sugar shop. This makes it more difficult for the paste to adhere to your skin.

The hair needs to be a little long to be removed

If you only see stubble growing on your legs, it isn’t time to have them sugared just yet. The hair has to be a little on the long side for the paste to be able to grab it and remove it by the roots. Most experts will recommend that the hair be around ¼ inch long before you have it sugared. On the other hand, many people believe that you can effectively remove the hair as long as there are at least two weeks between your sugaring and your last shave or wax session.  

Plan to stay out of the gym

You won’t be heading to the gym or the tanning salon on the same day you get sugared. Your skin is going to be a little tender following the sugaring, so plan to head straight home for exfoliation. Even hot water might be too much for the sore skin to handle in the first 24 hours.

Try not to irritate the skin after the treatment

Applying fancy scrubs and lotions after the sugaring really isn’t necessary. In fact, adding too much friction to your skin following the treatment could result in even more inflammation and tenderness in that one area. Give it a day or two before you resume your skincare routine. If you plan to apply anything directly after your treatment, be sure to consult your sugaring expert first.

Getting your body sugared can be a great experience that leads to smoother skin and less hair growth over time. Bare Body Sugaring paste is made up of sugar, lemon juice, and water, 100% natural ingredients. As long as you come prepared, you can have a successful sugaring that will leave your skin feeling amazing for weeks to come.

Why Did the Brazilian Sugaring Become So Famous?


Getting a Brazilian wax is almost a rite of passage for women everywhere. Even men are starting to get in on this long-running trend with their own “manzilian” experience. As sugaring rises in popularity, it seems that the Brazilian style is still one of the most popular areas of the body to have done. Why did this one particular style of sugaring become so famous?

Take a look at some of these prominent reasons why Brazilian sugaring has become so popular!

Sugaring is a gentler formula

The Brazilian sugaring has a lot of things to boast about, starting with its all-natural ingredients. It isn’t uncommon to find people with extremely sensitive skin in this private area of the body. As a result, waxes, lotions, and other sources of hair removal can sometimes cause severe and painful irritation in your nether regions.

Sugaring can erase all of that with a much simpler concoction of sugar, lemon juice, and water. The gentler formula tends to have a much higher success rate for individuals with skin irritation issues.

Bacteria don’t breed in sugar

The benefit of sugaring is that it is also much more sanitary than waxing. Bacteria don’t have an opportunity to breed with the sugar content in our unique paste. This makes a Brazilian sugaring far cleaner than other hair removal methods. Particularly for sensitive areas like this, you don’t want to introduce more bacteria than is absolutely necessary.

The skin won’t be as irritated

Is there anything more painful than a newly-waxed pubic area? When your esthetician applies hot wax to your skin and removes it using the strips, it also removes the top layer of your skin cells. Sugaring leaves your skin completely intact, only removing the hair and its associated root. This means that the only areas that should be sore after a sugaring are the areas where the hair root was removed.

Sugaring cuts down on the amount of skin irritation and pain that you experience. It can even reduce the number of painful ingrown hairs in your pubic area.

You can avoid frequent sugarings after a while

Sugaring is well-known for removing the hair root and eventually decreasing the amount of hair that will grow back. Nobody wants to have more Brazilian waxing than they need to, so this is a definite perk. After a few sessions, you might find that your hair grows back much slower and needs less attention in between. The time between your sessions will eventually expand until you only have to have your Brazilian-area touched up every once in a while.

We at Bare Body Sugaring have done over 4,000 Brazilians and have perfected the art. If you’re ready to see just how the Brazilian sugaring became so famous, you need to give our salon a visit. We can help you to find a comfortable experience and get you back on the road in less than fifteen minutes. With all of this time to spare, you can move onto other areas of your life without worrying about your appearance in this very personal area.

Myths About Body Sugaring

Are you tempted to try body sugaring to remove that unwanted hair? Most people are tempted to believe the rumors they hear about body sugaring and its recent surge in popularity. We advertise it as a natural and healthy alternative to the usual body wax, but some of our clients aren’t so sure. Have you fallen victim to some of these common myths about body sugaring?

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I’m going to be so sticky after my session

This is perhaps the most common complaint we hear from new clients who have never been sugared. It makes sense that you would think your skin might be extraordinarily sticky after being coated with our sugar mixture. What people don’t realize is that sugar is water-soluble and much easier to clean up than the traditional wax. You might be far stickier after a traditional waxing than you are after sugaring.

Sugaring is a new trend that doesn’t work

Would it surprise you to learn that sugaring actually came from the ancient Egyptians? That’s right. We’re actually using a centuries-old recipe of sugar, lemon juice, and water that has been perfected to remove your hair efficiently and with less pain than waxing.

There’s no way sugaring is sanitary

It’s understandable why some clients feel like sugaring may not be clean, but we take great pride in offering a service that is safe and sanitary to our clients. Bacteria actually cannot thrive in the high sugar content found in the paste we make. Furthermore, we never double dip into the sugar jar. We change our gloves every time we have to go back for a little more sugar to avoid contaminating the jar.

I’m going to look like a werewolf when my hair grows back

Have you heard the myth that your hair grows back fuller and thicker after having it removed with sugaring? This is one of the most common myths that we hear from clients who initially object to sugaring. There’s good news for those who are concerned about unsightly hair growth in the future. Shaving has more of a propensity to cause hair to grow back thicker in the future. In comparison, sugaring helps to dissolve your hair follicles over time and cause less hair growth in the long run.

Diabetes is going to keep me from sugaring

No, you won’t actually get a sugar high from this experience. Unless you taste or ingest the sugar from our jar (not something we recommend), the glucose isn’t going to affect your blood sugar levels. It’s safe for everyone, even if you have a condition that causes concern for your blood sugar levels.

Body sugaring is an excellent way to remove unwanted hair for both men and women. It’s time dispel these common myths that are holding you back from smoother and sexier skin. Bare Body Sugaring is proud to offer a gentle and natural hair removal. Won’t you give us a call today to see how we can help improve your beauty routine?

Why Is Sugaring Eyebrows A Thing?  

Well-groomed eyebrows are now a thing. No matter your gender identity, having nice eyebrows suits everyone.

There are many ways to groom the eyebrows. Standard methods are threading, tweezing, and waxing.

A new technique is slowly being adopted now known as ‘sugaring.’ This gives you more options on how you want your eyebrows done. But what exactly is sugaring?

Why Is Sugaring Eyebrows A Thing?  

Origin of Sugaring

The sugaring technique of removing body hair may not be very familiar in the United States. In East Africa, however, this technique has been used for thousands of years.  

It is well known that Arabic cultures and parts of North Africa have been sugaring for hundreds of years.

The renowned queen of Egypt Cleopatra had been known to use this technique. Her beautiful and smooth skin was believed to be the product of sugaring using various beauty products very rich in her time.

By the 1980s, sugaring reached Western culture when a Tunisian introduced it to England.

Function of Sugaring

Although not in a very familiar form, sugar can be made into a wax. It will have a syrupy texture being a thick compound. Imagine sugar wax being a soft caramel or honey.

The sticky and gooey texture of sugar wax is seen to be very similar to the products mentioned above.

This characteristic is what makes sugar wax very easy to apply to any part of the body. With this, the hair removal property becomes very easy and smooth.

The hair will cling to the wax making it easier to pull out from the root. One of the advantages of the solution -- among others -- is it’s soluble in water. Which means you only need water to wash away the wax after application.

Benefits of Sugaring

Unlike other wax, sugar wax does not contain any chemicals or artificial products. The ingredients of making the wax are so simple you can make it in your home. By using lemon juice and granulated sugar, you can create a mixture of sugar wax.

One of the benefits of sugaring is the regrown hair becomes lighter and finer. Sugaring on a regular basis on the same stop will stop the hair from growing after some time.

Also, sugaring can be applied to any area in the body, even the sensitive areas.

Warning of Sugaring

Warning of Sugaring

Like a typical wax, there is a relative pain associated with the removal of the hair. If you have waxed or tweezed that particular area before then, the pain will be minimal compared to the areas where it was applied for the first time.

Always be ready with ice to put on the area you have sugared. This is for the pain and the redness of the area to be eased.

The most important thing to remember, however, is to check the temperature of the sugar wax before applying.

It should not be too hot that it will burn the skin. Test a drop on your wrist preferably to check the temperature.