Q. do you provide any other services?
just body sugaring. feel free to call us your sugar mama's.

Q. how long should my hair be before I get sugared?
we recommend about 2 weeks post shave, or 4-6 weeks after your last sugar/wax. the hair should be about 1/4" in length or, about as long as a grain of rice. 

Q. how long will it last?
it definitely depends on the person because each person is different. on average, most people stay completely smooth for 1-3 weeks, then the hair will grow in the fourth week.

hair grows in stages and in each shaft, three hairs can grow at completely different rates. the longer you wait, the better results you will have because most of the hair will have grown in. after a while, and being consistent, you will start to notice your hair will be fewer and thinner. Hallelujah! Can we get an amen?!

Q. i’ve never been sugared before and it’s my first time. will it be itchy or red after?
if its the very first time the hair is being removed after shaving for so long, it may be a bit red or bumpy for the first 24 hours. not to worry! apply a cold ice compress to the area and it will go down. as for itching — no way. the hair comes back softer and less fierce, so its not here to itch you anymore.

Q. i’m pregnant, can i still get a Brazilian?
you sure can, as long as it is okay with your doctor. sometimes, when your body is going through this much change, it can be a bit more sensitive.

Q. can i get sugared when i have my period?
of course! we are completely comfortable and trained! besides, we are girls too- so this is no surprise to us. just wear a tampon, take an Advil, and tuck the string in!



For your first time, go European and let it GROW!

  • the hair should be appx. 1/4" long or the length of a grain of rice.

  • the best time to come is 2 weeks post-shave or 4 weeks post wax/sugar; this is the ideal length for sugar to grab on the root of the hair.

  • medication such as Retin-A, Isoretionin, or other acne medications weaken the skin and may cause it to tear. if you are on any of these medications, please consult with your doctor first. 

rumour has it: taking an Advil before an appointment will help take the edge off if you’re nervous about the pain! ;)



uh huh honey

(♥) drink plenty of water. urine can cause discomfort to open follicles and is best if diluted.
(♥) apply a cold compress to the heat sensitive area after treatment. cooling will help to constrict blood vessels and relieve discomfort.
(♥) shower immediately after exercising to keep follicles clear and bacteria free.
(♥) book your appts 4-6 weeks apart. cancel or reschedule at least 24 hours before your appt.

oh no you didn’t

(✖) pick at ingrown hairs. it could cause greater inflammation and infect surrounding pores.
(✖) excessive activity immediately after appt. perspiration and friction could be irritating to the area.
(✖) apply lotions, gels, or creams. avoid fragranced or alcohol based products.
(✖) shave between treatments. the goal is to remove the root of the hair so it grows back softer, finer, and fewer.