Have you ever wanted to treat yourself to a years worth of brazilians? You know, got up one morning and thought to yourself that this was the year to truly treat yourself? Well, guess what! We're giving away FREE BRAZILIANS FOR A YEAR to 3 lucky winners. Now you have a chance to treat yourself without breaking the bank ($500 VALUE). Winner announced May 8, 2019.



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1) Follow us on Instagram, upload your fav summer photo to your IG Story, and tag @barebodysugaring


2) Follow @barebodysugar on Twitter, reply to our giveaway with your fav summer photo and tag 2 friends!


3) Search Bare Body Sugaring on Facebook, ‘Like’ our giveaway post & tag 2 friends in the comments.

That's it, that's all. There’s NO ENTRY LIMITS! You can enter once or 18 thousand times! Enter on one platform or all three before May 4, 2019! Remember to make sure that your profile settings are set as Public and not Private so that we are able to see your entry! Good luck, sweets.

This contest is not sponsored by Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.


important info


*Unlimited entries between now and May 2nd (1 Entry Per Story Post or 2 Users Tagged per Comment)*
*No spam accounts, ghost accounts, pet accounts, or celebrity tags will be considered* 
*Includes 1 Brazilian every 5 weeks for a year available ONLY with Jessica, Ashley, Mercedes, Gabrielle, Crystal, or Cherrilyn*

*cannot be used for any other service. not redeemable for cash. non-transferable*



what our clients say about Bare Body Sugaring


I used to get waxed and thought I'd try sugaring. It was so much better. Can't believe I waited this long to do this. Mara was amazing, patient and super friendly. She made me feel so comfortable.


benefits of body sugaring

♥ Lasts Much Longer than shaving
♥ Less Uncomfortable than Waxing
♥ Exfoliates while it Removes Hair
♥ 100% Organic and Pure
♥ Sanitary
♥ Removes Shorter Hairs
♥ Improves Skin Tone and Texture

everyone is a winner

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