How to Keep Romance Alive All Year Long

There is a plethora of ways to keep the fire burning all year long, which assists in genuinely strengthening a relationship. Below, the experts at Bare Body Sugaring share their ideas for keeping the fires burning all year long.

Show your appreciation on a daily basis

From morning ‘til night, couples have a chance to provide words of adoration, affirmation, and appreciation to each other, as well as an opportunity to provide non-verbal cues, too.

Surprise partner

Little surprises also make the everyday unique. Leave a love note on the refrigerator, in your partner’s pocket or in the shower; leave a sexy or loving voicemail; or send a card to work. These ideas are also big hits: singing telegram at work, flowers, or breakfast in bed.

Carve time to be with each other

At the start of any relationship, the anxiety and excitement of connecting with a new partner makes time with each other a big priority. As that urgency diminishes and we start to feel at ease, time for a relationship starts to become a lower priority. It’ll become especially difficult to discover spontaneous windows of time when you are working, taking care of family members and already feeling tired.

If you do not make time to feed a relationship, it withers. Arrange some time every week for the two of you — with very few exceptions. Have dinner or watch a movie. Or, do something more low-key such as listening, talking, cooking or simply lying on the sofa together. The idea here is to make one another a priority.

Take a course together

This is an excellent method of busting out of a rut. Learning something new makes both of you feel more connected and assists you in discovering parts of the relationship that might’ve been hidden. Take a cooking class or sports lesson like tennis or golf.

Remember what sparked your love in the first place

Doing this helps you to appreciate where you currently are as a couple. If you can, return to the place where you first met and relive that first date.

Let a grudge go

Resentment destroys romance. Grudges build a wall between partners. Make forgiveness a consistent part of a relationship by discussing how you feel, attempting to understand what happened, requesting assurance it will not happen again then letting go by determining not to hold the problem over your partner’s head.

Enjoy a lazy weekend with each other

Choose a day to simply do nothing with your significant other. These lazy days are going to feel revitalizing and bring the two of you closer.

Be intimate

Intimacy isn’t negotiable in a long-term, healthy relationship. Touch is among the most nurturing forces in the universe. If you are iffy on your significant other touching you, it is vital to explore what is going on then work on it.

If you’re ready to get back on the road to romance start with a sugaring session from Bare Body Sugaring today!

Men, it is Time to Try Sugaring!

Within the past, there was a stigma against guys visiting spas. Today, everyone comfortably can visit a spa, irrespective of gender. At Bare Body Sugaring, we specialize in sugar waxing for men; therefore, we know what it’ll take to make a man feel at-ease in a spa environment. If you’re a man curious about sugaring, do not hesitate to get in touch with the highest quality body sugaring of Bare Body Sugaring today! If you’re still on the fence, below we list 4 reasons you ought to think about changing your mind:

It’s a turn on to have bare skin

Smooth chests are big turn ons for women nowadays. Smooth skin is related to cleanliness and youth, and because of that, we’re certain you’ll receive the female attention you want if you attempt sugaring. If you’ve ever felt self-conscious about all that body hair, sugar waxing will provide you more confidence, and there isn’t anything sexier than that!

Show muscle definition off

Currently, your muscles are hidden by a layer of unruly hair. Show off all of your diligent work at the gym! Attempt sugaring to show off all that newly developed muscle definition.

Improve hygiene

Less body hair produces less body odor. Particularly for athletes, sweat usually clings to the hairs on the body, and causes bacteria to spread and generate the smelliness you have post-gym. As you sugar, you do not need to be concerned with body odor as much.

Stop having to shave

If you’ve already attempted to extract your body hair through shaving, you understand how irritating it may be. As you shave, you need to do it every few days to avoid irritating stubble. Also, you must handle the angry red bumps and itchiness that inevitably happen. Sugaring is gentle on the skin, and you just need to do it every four to six weeks!

A high percentage of our clientele are men; therefore, no need to panic. We’ve perfected the art, and you will be out of here before you know it. Plus, if you’re concerned about your male part making an appearance, we promise it never really happens. Do not be shy, you will enjoy the results! Check out these manscaping prices:

  • back and chest combination: $90.27

  • back: $57.52

  • chest: $57.52

  • underarms: $22.12

  • legs: half $53.54; full $77.88

  • arms: half $47.79; full $57.52

  • manzilian: $75.22

*Prices don’t include tax.

*Note, as of 2/1/ 2018 we’ve implemented a price surge for all sugar waxing services. It’ll be the first rise in services since the year 2014. Bare Body Sugaring appreciates you as a client and your continuous loyalty!

Bare Body Sugaring loves Brazilians. We have performed more than 3000 Brazilians and perfected the art. The most critical part: we make you feel at ease.

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

*Late cancellations or no shows are charged 50 percent of the service that is booked.

Are you anxious about getting sugared? Do not be! Check out all of our reviews.

Popular Male Pubic Hair Designs for Men

We are happy that you have taken such a proactive approach to manscaping. You have learned to appreciate it, and we trust that you have the competence to groom your pubic hair without damaging your manhood. Now, you believe you may be prepared to advance your sense of pube style. We always are here to encourage your endeavors, therefore, here is a fast list of what is trending in the realm of manscaping. Remember, if you haven’t quite gotten accustomed to the idea of taking care of your own manscaping, the friendly folks at Bare Body Sugaring will be more than happy to help you out!

The Classics

Below we list the 5 classics which will always be a part of a manscaping discussion.

First is the natural. The natural has the goal of incorporating light grooming that leaves the bush appearing like a bush yet with a little less wilderness. The right natural will not have closely cropped pubes or clean lines; however, anyone who has witnessed an ungroomed body before instantly will recognize the work which goes into it.

Contrary to the above natural style is the megabush. It’s the style in which you simply allow it to all hang out the way it was designed. No razor or trimmer ever touches a megabush. It is a bold style, yet it should not be lightly adopted. The majority of men prefer a bit of grooming down there, yet for the (very) few megabush fans, nothing less is going to suffice.

Getting into more contemporary appearances with manscaping, we arrive at the triangle. It is precisely what its name suggests: you’ll trim the pubes into a tight triangle. By itself, it is a nice enough look, yet the triangle also is the initial stage for a lot of additional, more advanced grooming designs. Something to note about this style is that it’ll require shaving of a man’s pubes. But, be careful. You require the proper razor and a lot of patience. Without both, pube shaving may be miserable.

The landing strip is an additional modern classic. This style does not lead to extra designs, yet it is a clean, basic look that’s appealing to the masses. Simply groom from happy trail to shaft in one, thin hair line. The landing strip alone also should be trimmed down to a reasonable level.

The final classic style is referred to by several names: the naked mole rat, the swimmer, the prepubescent, and the baldy. As some of those nicknames suggest, it is not always an appealing look; however, there are reasons to go thoroughly bald below the waste. Sports are the main motivator, and the periodic request from a partner also is a sufficient reason. Whatever the reason, a bald undercarriage is lots of work.

Congrats, gents! You are now current on manscaping fashion. You are armed with the tools to make a real impression with all of your sub-naval stylings. This ought to keep your days interesting and help your love life 😊

Summer Hair Removal: 4 Reasons to Try Bare Body Sugaring

The summer season is quickly approaching and that means all of us are getting a bit more focused on eliminating unwanted body hair. The conventional ways of waxing and shaving got the job done, but they’d cause skin irritation and didn’t necessarily provide you that long-lasting smooth skin you were desiring. Recently, modified sugar scrubs and body sugaring have come to light as a longer-lasting and more gentle way to maintain silky skin. Here are 4 reasons why the professional body sugaring services of Bare Body Sugaring ought to be something you try this summer:

  1. Sugaring concentrates on skin renewal. Waxing products contain resins which stick to living and dead skin cells that may damage the skin and produce pain. On the other hand, Bare Body Sugaring’s products only adhere to dead skin cells, so they gently exfoliate and leave behind healthy skin.

  2. Sugaring has a simple clean-up that is gentle on the skin. Because sugaring pastes are water-soluble, all excess may be removed from your skin using lukewarm water — no more painfully hot water, harsh soap, or extra peeling.

  3. Bare Body Sugaring’s product is both a long and short-term option for undesired hair growth. Treatments are efficient on hair that’s 1/16-inch or even shorter. That means it is possible to get a treatment before any special event or at your convenience. In addition, unlike shaving, Bare Body Sugaring’s product is more effective and easier each time you arrive for a treatment.

  4. Bare Body Sugaring products are 100% natural sugar pastes. We offer a full guarantee that our sugaring formulas are free of chemicals like paraben and lauryl sulfate. Out products also are hypoallergenic and have zero chemical additives so that they’re safe for use on sensitive skin.

In order to receive the best results, there are some things to do pre-and-post session.

Be certain the hair is long enough. About ⅛” - ¼” is best. The hair is within the anagen phase (active growing cycle) of hair growth, and you are more than likely to get the root which helps in slowing the regrowth down. That means you’d want to arrange the sugaring sessions every 4 -5 weeks. After you have been sugaring for quite some time and the hair begins to come in sparser, it is possible to go longer between sessions.

Always make sure you dress in loose-fitting clothing to your appointment.

Post-session you ought to avoid things which may irritate the area. This includes sexual intercourse (for about 48 hours), working out, hot baths, as well as using hot water. Those things may cause rashes, pimples, and ingrown hairs.

If you are interested in checking it out yet are too anxious to begin with a Brazilian or bikini, it is possible to get anything from the eyebrows to armpits and even the legs sugared.

If there are any questions you have about Bare Body Sugaring or you’d like to learn more about our services and products, please feel free to get in touch with us at 204.297.8234.

Waxing Causes Skin Damaging

If you really dislike shaving – as well as those irritating small bumps which oftentimes appear after you shave – then you’re absolutely not alone. Thankfully, there are some alternatives to shaving which are more convenient while additionally offering incredible results.

But, one of the most typically chosen hair removal forms is waxing. Are you utilizing hot wax to extract body hair? Or, have you given consideration to turning to waxing? If you are, it’s time to reconsider, as well as learn about a much healthier, better, as well as more efficient technique – sugaring.   Look at our FAQ page to learn more on bare body sugaring. Arrange your appointment today at Bare Body Sugaring to obtain the smooth, beautiful skin you deserve!

The Downsides of Waxing
As it’ll come to waxing, there are a multitude of disadvantages. First off, waxing may damage the skin, especially fine tissue cells. Secondly, the majority of waxes aren’t natural, as well as contain chemicals. Thirdly, waxing is less effective and painful.

As you opt for waxing hair removal, you’re choosing a method which involves placing hot wax onto the skin. The hot wax can’t only bruise and burn the skin, yet the heat additionally results in tissue swelling, making hair removal more challenging.

Apart from the irritation, pain, as well as heat, waxing also extracts hair in the opposite direction of the growth of hair. In turn, the process usually results in 15 to 35 percent hair breakage that’s left behind. All that pain and there’s still hair there?

Lastly, waxing requires that the hair is at the minimum of ¼” in length before removal. Thankfully, there’s a better alternative which may lead to permanent removal of hair.

Pick Sugaring for the Best Hair Extraction

Thankfully, there’s a better option for hair removal which has all the advantages of waxing without the downside!

Unlike waxing, sugaring gets put on at a lukewarm temperature – no more scarring or burns. In addition, hair is extracted in the natural direction of hair growth. This process of extraction not just substantially decreases the irritation and pain, yet also assists the hair in remaining intact all throughout the process of removal (less breakage? Please sign me up!).

Moreover, the sugaring paste is 100 percent natural (it’s even edible). Say goodbye to chemicals, and hello to smooth, beautiful skin!

Lastly, sugaring will remove hair that’s only 1/16” in length! That is right, no more having to wait weeks after shaving to extract unwanted hair. As a result of the capability of removing really short hair, permanent removal of hair using an all-natural method is no longer an idea of the past.

Therefore, why are you paying somebody for waxing? If you are, it is time to stop. There’s a better choice that’s better for the skin and is a lot less painful and much more effective!

For more information about our bare body sugaring treatment please feel free to get in touch with Bare Body Sugaring at 204.297.8234 right away!

What’s a Manzilian?

The Manzilian is a crack up onto the sac, as well as shaft and then either a shaped or tidy pubic region. Here, Bare Body Sugaring, the highest quality body sugaring services, offers answers to the most frequently asked questions from men.

Waxing: Does it hurt?

I can’t lie, it might hurt, yet that depends upon your threshold for pain. But, routine waxing for the majority of people becomes virtually painless and the initial wax usually is the worst, it’s an excellent idea to keep consistent appointments, as well as avoid shaving between sessions.  

Why shouldn’t I shave?

Shaving will stimulate possible hair growth, as well as may strengthen your hair follicle. Also, shaving cuts your hair at its shaft, which not just re-grows with a stubbly feeling it also may itch, shaving permits the hair to re-grow the following day or in some instances, the exact same day.

What’s the etiquette for a Manzilian?

First off, I’ll give you your privacy so you can undress. Removal of the underwear is needed for intimate waxing yet you’ll be offered a towel so you can cover yourself so please do not panic!  The majority of the treatment your dignity is going to be kept intact as you utilize the towel to cover, as well as hold the bits that aren’t being waxed out of the way. Also, it keeps your skin taught, which makes the treatment more comfortable. I’ll prepare and cleanse the region and apply wax a little at a time. Hair is removed then the treatment continues. By the end of the waxing we’ll be chatting about re-runs on TV and you’ll have forgotten all about your inhibitions.

What if I become aroused during the session?

You might become aroused, an erection sometimes can help because it’ll stretch the skin taut, which makes the removal of wax easier; therefore, please don’t be embarrassed if this occurs.

I’ve waxed previously and discovered my skin to become spotty and experienced ingrown hairs, why?

I think some folks aren’t suited to waxing, but this may occur for various reasons; that is, their skin experienced a reaction to the wax, aftercare not being adhered to or given or just not taking care of your skin in the proper way between your sessions. At Bare Body Sugaring we’ve created a system that opens waxing up to more folks who might not have had the ability to wax previously.

What can I possibly do to prevent bumps or ingrown hairs?

Consistent exfoliation beginning one week after the waxing may help particularly if you have dry skin.

How long will the intimate waxing session take?

It depends upon the density of your growth; the session may take from 40 minutes to one hour.

How long should hair be before having a wax?

We’re able to wax hairs as short as one millimeter yet for better results ¼” or full hair growth may accomplish a better wax. Please don’t feel the necessity to trim because shorter ones are more difficult to remove.