Does Hair Grow Back Thicker After Sugaring?

Ever since the ritual of hair removal began, the thought of the hair growing back thicker, coarser and darker has been a great concern for most people. Because of this fear, friends will warn each other about waxing and using depilatory creams for their armpits or wherever else, but nothing could be farther from the truth. That hair grows back thicker and darker than before is a widely spread myth. But why does this myth continue to flourish? And exactly what happens after you sugar? Why are the results for shaving different from those of sugaring?

Some reasons why hair regrowth may appear thicker and darker:


Your human hair is like a pencil; it has a tapered end. Shaving trims off the tapered end so hair that emerges afterwards has no taper. As hair grows back, the sharp edges are what makes it appear thicker and coarser but in reality, nothing changes about the pigment and thickness of your hair. Still on this, hair may appear thicker when it’s shorter than when it grows and becomes longer because shorter hair is less flexible.

Overlapping of hormones

If, say, a teenager shaves their armpits at around the time of puberty, their hair may grow more abundantly causing them to adopt the myth. But this could simply be an overlap of hormones because naturally at this age, the body experiences increased hormone (androgens) levels causing terminal hair to grow in certain parts of the body (scalp, face, armpits and pubic area). Unlike vellus hair (the small hairs that cover the entire body) that are thin, short and light-colored, terminal hair is long, thick and more pigmented. So if an adolescent shaving or sugaring overlaps this maturation process, the hair regrowth may appear thicker and more abundant.

Do you get the same results with sugaring?

Essentially, No. sugaring is a relatively painless, semi-permanent way to remove the hair by pulling it out from the roots. This method leaves you hair-free for up to four weeks. Where shaving gives the appearance of a fluffy regrowth, sugaring causes hair to grow back thinner and lighter. Regular usage will noticeably reduce hair growth and the re-growth takes longer to appear and is considerably finer. For this reason, when you sugar regularly, you will eventually have barely noticeable hair whether in the armpits of any other parts of your body. So if you want an itch-free, great-looking appearance that lasts longer, ditch those razors and trimmers and opt for a hair removal method that deals with the roots. Bare Body Sugaring is proud to offer a gentle and natural hair removal.

Increase Your Skin Elasticity Naturally

In a bathroom mirror, somewhere in the world, a woman is carefully stroking her jawline, reminding herself of how firm her skin felt when she was younger. Another one is considering a facial uplift. As women begin to confront the forces of nature that holds the moon in the Earth's orbit, many fall for gimmicks and hype.

Predominantly, in your youth, the abundance of elastin and collagen makes your skin  taut and supple. While collagen gives the skin structure, elastin helps your skin stretch. As you age, however, your skin produces less of the two proteins hence the loss of its bouncy elastic nature. Much as you can’t stop the ageing process, there are some natural ways that you can improve your skin and keep it firm, even as age sets in.

The Food Intake

It’s true that a few drops of bath body oil help us achieve younger-looking skin, but what we consume is even more crucial for improving skins elasticity. According to a New York dermatologist, here are some high-antioxidant, water-rich and elastic-friendly foods to add into your diet.

  •  Berries make great antioxidants

  • Celery and cucumber boost moisture and elasticity due to their silica content

  • Oils that contain high levels of omega-3-fatty including those found in olives, salmon, and walnuts,

  • Pumpkin and squash contain skin-saving nutrients due to their high levels of vitamins and antioxidants.

  • Spices such as cinnamon and turmeric are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

Muscle Exercises

Typically, blood nourishes the skin and any exercise stimulates circulation of blood. An increased supply of blood to the skin helps get rid of toxins. Tons of muscle exercises therefore leave the skin healthy and rejuvenated. Further, exercise pumps up the skin and the softening effect afterwards keeps wrinkles at bay. 

Protection from Harsh UV Rays

Apart from increasing skin cancer risk, UV rays damage skin cells DNA causing the skin to wrinkle. Exposure to UV rays depends on the strength of the rays, the length of exposure and whether you’re wearing the right sunscreen. If you want to protect your skin's elasticity, stay away from excessive sun exposure and when stepping out, always apply a sunscreen cream.

Skin Procedures

Let’s talk about a common skin procedure every woman is quite familiar with; hair removal. There are two common ways women go about making their skin smooth and that’s waxing and body sugaring. In a bid to maintain your skin's elasticity, you will want to go for body sugaring vs. waxing. Why is this? Traditional waxing is not only painful, but also contains chemical ingredients which leave the skin dry interfering with your skin's elasticity. Body sugaring on the other hand, is the natural, less painful alternative to waxing. Sugar not only provides a little moisture to the skin helping it maintain elasticity but is also a natural exfoliant. Opting for body sugaring also leaves your skin looking nice and soft.  

When you faithfully watch your diet, exercise regularly, use skin creams that are friendly to your skin, and opt for better procedures, your skin will begin to look healthier and feel thicker. Beyond the diet and muscle exercises, stay away from smoking as it dulls the skin. At Winnipeg body sugaring services, we care for more than just hair removal; we also care about the health of your skin.

Stylish Gifts for the Man in Your Life

From preppy style essentials to private cocktail-making appointment with a winner of a James Beard Award, these gifts pack a punch.

Choosing a gift for the man with everything is intimidating—selecting a gift for the man with everything including excellent style? It may feel almost impossible. However, don’t panic. From prepsters to sporty types, to golfers and artsy guys, these are the ideal gift ideas from the pros at Body sugaring Winnipeg for every guy in your life.

The Dopp Kit

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This Is My First Time Sugaring. I Am Nervous. Is It Painful?

Let us not beat around the bush or sugar coat it, there’s a little bit of pain with hair removal. Here’s the thing. Sugar paste doesn’t stick to live skin. The professional at Bare Body Sugaring, high quality body sugaring, may touch your skin with a ball of sugar paste as if he/she is touching your skin with her/his hand and the paste won’t stick. For the hair to be extracted, the professional has to manually mold then melt the sugar paste inside the hair follicles. What’s somewhat painful is your hair being extracted by the root out of its follicle. A chest wax is actually more uncomfortable than a male Brazilian. It’s followed up by the flanks of the back and nape of the neck. The hair roots within these spaces typically are extremely course, strong, and deeply rooted. Most guys will think the scrotum is very painful. It is not. During the male Brazilian, the part which is the most painful is the base of the shaft. Both males and females, the buttocks are the EASIEST! 

If you’ve ever been sugared and thought, “It’s the worst! It’s a lot more uncomfortable than waxing!”, something definitely went wrong. The sugarist might’ve been using the incorrect consistency of sugaring paste. A sticky, warm, soft sugar paste is not conducive for Brazilians. If he/she didn’t pull parallel with the skin or if they utilized too large of sugar molds, YES, that’s going to hurt. Also, it’s possible that the times you’ve been waxed, the hair was breaking and not coming out by its root. As waxing distorts the hair follicle backwards, it’s easy for the hair to break. Expert waxers using a high-quality wax gets the majority, if not all of the hair out by its root and that’ll come with pain. In the hands of a skilled Esthetician, the sugaring process is just minimally painful. Not ALL sugaring pros and Estheticians invest in continuing education. A few believe they’re able to learn by viewing YouTube videos. Be certain your professional is: a) licensed to extract hair and b) possesses certifications of continued education within the art of Brazilians and hair removal.

We practice empathy in hair removal. We’re efficient. The ones who take extremely large strips of sugar or wax usually miss a TON of hairs and must go back over multiple times to pick missed hairs up. We have the ability to envelop all of the hair in smaller spaces efficiently in a single pull preventing us from re-sugaring the area. Not to mention that a single ball of sugar paste is all that’s needed to get the job accomplished. We don’t need to stop and retrieve more sticks and strips of wax which we find is very time consuming. One other method in empathy hair removal includes giving reprieve or a moment to catch your breath if it’s really uncomfortable. In addition, we have tequila and stress balls in our studio. Just kidding! You’ll be fine we promise!

How to Keep Romance Alive All Year Long

There is a plethora of ways to keep the fire burning all year long, which assists in genuinely strengthening a relationship. Below, the experts at Bare Body Sugaring share their ideas for keeping the fires burning all year long.

Show your appreciation on a daily basis

From morning ‘til night, couples have a chance to provide words of adoration, affirmation, and appreciation to each other, as well as an opportunity to provide non-verbal cues, too.

Surprise partner

Little surprises also make the everyday unique. Leave a love note on the refrigerator, in your partner’s pocket or in the shower; leave a sexy or loving voicemail; or send a card to work. These ideas are also big hits: singing telegram at work, flowers, or breakfast in bed.

Carve time to be with each other

At the start of any relationship, the anxiety and excitement of connecting with a new partner makes time with each other a big priority. As that urgency diminishes and we start to feel at ease, time for a relationship starts to become a lower priority. It’ll become especially difficult to discover spontaneous windows of time when you are working, taking care of family members and already feeling tired.

If you do not make time to feed a relationship, it withers. Arrange some time every week for the two of you — with very few exceptions. Have dinner or watch a movie. Or, do something more low-key such as listening, talking, cooking or simply lying on the sofa together. The idea here is to make one another a priority.

Take a course together

This is an excellent method of busting out of a rut. Learning something new makes both of you feel more connected and assists you in discovering parts of the relationship that might’ve been hidden. Take a cooking class or sports lesson like tennis or golf.

Remember what sparked your love in the first place

Doing this helps you to appreciate where you currently are as a couple. If you can, return to the place where you first met and relive that first date.

Let a grudge go

Resentment destroys romance. Grudges build a wall between partners. Make forgiveness a consistent part of a relationship by discussing how you feel, attempting to understand what happened, requesting assurance it will not happen again then letting go by determining not to hold the problem over your partner’s head.

Enjoy a lazy weekend with each other

Choose a day to simply do nothing with your significant other. These lazy days are going to feel revitalizing and bring the two of you closer.

Be intimate

Intimacy isn’t negotiable in a long-term, healthy relationship. Touch is among the most nurturing forces in the universe. If you are iffy on your significant other touching you, it is vital to explore what is going on then work on it.

If you’re ready to get back on the road to romance start with a sugaring session from Bare Body Sugaring today!

Men, it is Time to Try Sugaring!

Within the past, there was a stigma against guys visiting spas. Today, everyone comfortably can visit a spa, irrespective of gender. At Bare Body Sugaring, we specialize in sugar waxing for men; therefore, we know what it’ll take to make a man feel at-ease in a spa environment. If you’re a man curious about sugaring, do not hesitate to get in touch with the highest quality body sugaring of Bare Body Sugaring today! If you’re still on the fence, below we list 4 reasons you ought to think about changing your mind:

It’s a turn on to have bare skin

Smooth chests are big turn ons for women nowadays. Smooth skin is related to cleanliness and youth, and because of that, we’re certain you’ll receive the female attention you want if you attempt sugaring. If you’ve ever felt self-conscious about all that body hair, sugar waxing will provide you more confidence, and there isn’t anything sexier than that!

Show muscle definition off

Currently, your muscles are hidden by a layer of unruly hair. Show off all of your diligent work at the gym! Attempt sugaring to show off all that newly developed muscle definition.

Improve hygiene

Less body hair produces less body odor. Particularly for athletes, sweat usually clings to the hairs on the body, and causes bacteria to spread and generate the smelliness you have post-gym. As you sugar, you do not need to be concerned with body odor as much.

Stop having to shave

If you’ve already attempted to extract your body hair through shaving, you understand how irritating it may be. As you shave, you need to do it every few days to avoid irritating stubble. Also, you must handle the angry red bumps and itchiness that inevitably happen. Sugaring is gentle on the skin, and you just need to do it every four to six weeks!

A high percentage of our clientele are men; therefore, no need to panic. We’ve perfected the art, and you will be out of here before you know it. Plus, if you’re concerned about your male part making an appearance, we promise it never really happens. Do not be shy, you will enjoy the results! Check out these manscaping prices:

  • back and chest combination: $90.27

  • back: $57.52

  • chest: $57.52

  • underarms: $22.12

  • legs: half $53.54; full $77.88

  • arms: half $47.79; full $57.52

  • manzilian: $75.22

*Prices don’t include tax.

*Note, as of 2/1/ 2018 we’ve implemented a price surge for all sugar waxing services. It’ll be the first rise in services since the year 2014. Bare Body Sugaring appreciates you as a client and your continuous loyalty!

Bare Body Sugaring loves Brazilians. We have performed more than 3000 Brazilians and perfected the art. The most critical part: we make you feel at ease.

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

*Late cancellations or no shows are charged 50 percent of the service that is booked.

Are you anxious about getting sugared? Do not be! Check out all of our reviews.