How Can Women Remove Chin Hair?

Chin hair on women is a huge issue for some. However, we require various methods of hair removal, depending upon the budget, skin type, and thickness of our hair. Below we assist you in determining which one is more suitable for you.


 Sure, it is quick and easy. However, I never suggest that women shave their facial hair unless they’re presently undergoing laser hair removal or electrolysis because it is your only choice to remove hair between treatments.

 Shaving merely cuts hair at skin's level then creates blunt ends, which makes it look thicker. If you have to shave, do not skip normal steps. Utilize shaving gel, cream, or oil, and aftershave to obtain a close shave, as well as avoid ingrown hair.


 If you believe pulling the hair out is going to hurt like crazy, a hair removal cream is one step above shaving as far as how long it lasts is concerned. It’ll break hair down, so it can be wiped away. However, the chemicals are strong, so it isn’t for the sensitive-prone individuals and might not work well on extracting all the coarse, thick hair. Get something especially made for the face such as Avon's Facial Hair Removal Cream.


 Hair must be around ¼-inch long before it may be waxed. With thick or dark chin hair, it may require lots of patience and potentially embarrassment to allow it to reach that length. On the upside, it may grab a ton of hair all at one time, even fine hair, and you will not need to wax for about one month because it is removed from its root.


 You’d need to be experienced to do this by yourself, because it involves utilizing a string to pull the chin hair out. If you’re able to feel the hair, the ones skilled in this ancient craft are able to remove it faster.

 Other upsides are that it is very sanitary and does not use any harsh chemicals, as the only thing touching the skin is string. The sole challenge you may experience, depending upon where you reside is locating a threading salon. 


 Similar to waxing, it additionally quickly extracts a ton of hair from the root. However, with the traditional method using paste, hair just has to be a less noticeable; 1/16-inch. Only made with natural ingredients, it does not adhere to skin as much as waxing does, which makes it less painful and causes less redness.  

 IPL/ Laser Hair Removal

 Approved by the FDA for permanent hair reduction, this method uses pulsed lighting to disable hair follicles. Usually, the best candidates are the ones who have skin tones on the lighter side and darker hair, because its lighting targets the pigment.


 This is the only method that is FDA-approved for the permanent removal of hair using an electric current. Unlike with the use of laser hair removal, you do not need a specific skin or hair color. However, you will need several treatments to obtain the best results.

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7 Ways to Remove Hair on the Face

All women have a tiny bit of facial hair, and for most, except for eyebrows, it isn’t noticeable. However, if yours is more easily visible than you would like, there are several ways to remove it. They involve all-natural methods, removal at home, and more advanced selections which may permanently remove it. Become savvy about the pros and cons and do’s and don’ts of this fragile zone to pick the proper method.


 Tweezing is the cheapest and easiest way to remove facial hair. It is more commonly the go-to way to keep the eyebrows tamed. However, it also may be utilized for the ones with occasional chin hairs which sprout up from nowhere.


 Unless you are having electrolysis or laser procedures or are actually desperate for fast hair removal, put the razor down. Shaving will create blunt edges which make the hair look thicker, not to mention being temporary and probably will just last one day. It is okay for your body, yet not your face. Therefore, do not be fooled by these small razors in vibrant colors marketed to ladies.


 This ancient method of hair removal utilizing a string is sought after for precision facial hair removal and eyebrow shaping which may last up to 6 weeks. It is fast, uses no chemicals, and usually is inexpensive. A huge plus is that if it’s possible to feel the hair, threading will remove it.


 Waxing is a favorite way to eliminate facial hair for up to 6 weeks utilizing a resin-wax. Waxing services are found in spas and salons everywhere, and a broad array of home kits are available. Waxing is exfoliating and may cause scabs, extreme redness, or burns if you already are utilizing powerful exfoliators on the face such as enzymes, alpha-hydroxy acid, or salicylic acid. Waxing will last around 4 weeks.


 There are two kinds of sugaring: gel and paste. Both kinds are made with all-natural ingredients such as water, sugar, and lemon juice. This technique leaves you hair-free for as many as 6 weeks. Most folks prefer sugaring over waxing because it is gentler on the skin and less painful. The traditional way to use paste will remove hair as short as 1/16”, as compared with the ¼” minimum hair length required for waxing.

 Coil Hair Removers

 Perhaps you’ve seen these small gadgets advertised for facial hair removal for women. They appear like little slinkies which grab your hair out from its root. Think tweezing, yet a lot quicker, because you do not need to individually grab each hair. Lindo and Epicare are two potential options.

 Prescription Cream

 Using the prescription cream Vaniqa may be the simplest method of lessening the look of facial hair. While this Food and Drug Administration-approved cream will not permanently remove hair, it’ll cause it to grow more gradually and come in softer and finer. According to the manufacturer of the cream, Allergan, you ought to witness improvement between 4 to 8 weeks after starting treatment.

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6 Ways to Remove Stomach Hair

Whether you are a woman or a man, some of us don’t want our stomach hair. It may be unsightly and dark, and no one wants to discuss it. Some people have a lot and other folks just have a couple of strands, yet all those hairs may be taken out one way or another. Below, we list 6 ways to eliminate that unwanted stomach hair, even permanently.


 Utilizing some type of razor is one of the oldest types of hair removal. There are various kinds of razors available—from manual ones that have cartridges, to disposables, and double edge to electric. 

 The best thing about shaving is that it is easy and quick and may be accomplished in or out of the shower. Even though it just lasts one or two days before you witness regrowth, it is an excellent method to use if you want to keep smooth skin.


 These products mostly are available in the cream form yet also can be found as spray applications, lotions, or gels.

 The best thing about depilatories is that they could not be much easier to use, are simple to find and are fairly inexpensive. Some may work in just a matter of minutes and break down the hair to a jelly-like state in order for it to be easily wiped off.


 Waxing is a resin-based product that’s found on most spa and salon menus that’s spread over hair then removed. If you would rather save cash, you have your selection of many kits to perform the deed from the convenience of your home.

 The best thing about waxing is that it’s supposed to remove the whole hair from the follicle. When correctly done, it is possible to be hair-free for 3 or more weeks. With repeated waxing done over time, your belly hair is going to grow back less coarse and thinner.


 Sugaring comes in two forms: gel and paste. The paste extracts hair in the direction of growth, and the gel removes hair in the opposite direction of hair's growth- just the same as waxing.

 The best thing about sugaring is that while it also extracts the hair follicle from the root just like waxing does, it is gentler to the skin and less painful than waxing. The traditional technique utilizing sugaring paste is one of the oldest hair removal methods.

 Laser Hair Removal

 Laser and the additional light-based technology, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) similarly work to impair the hair follicle.

 The best thing about laser hair removal is the it is approved by the FDA for permanent hair reduction, and large spaces may be treated at one time and home devices are on the market.


 This is the best way to go if you want your belly hair gone forever.

 The best thing about electrolysis is that it’s the only FDA approved permanent hair removal method. Unlike with laser hair removal, all skin tones and hair colors safely can receive electrolysis.

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7 Ways to Get Rid of Pubic Hair

There are several options for removing pubic in this delicate space. Some are simple to do and temporary, while others take a little more work, time and cost yet last longer. Here, we’ll run through each selection to assist you in choosing the ideal hair-ridding technique for your hair and skin type.

 Bikini Waxing

 A popular technique for eliminating hair for as much as 6 weeks utilizing a resin wax, it’ll be seen at spas and salons everywhere. There are several bikini wax styles to pick from- a clean up to getting it all removed and all things in between.

 Waxing your bikini line on your own may be done from the convenience of your home. If you need anything more, an appointment with a professional should be arranged.


 There are 2 kinds of sugaring: gel and paste. Both kinds are made using all-natural ingredients such as water, sugar, and lemon juice, which leaves you hair-free for as much as 6 weeks. Most folks prefer sugaring over waxing because it is less painful and more delicate to the skin. All positives for your bikini zone!

 That same principle will apply here as waxing. It’s possible to clean your bikini line, yet more extreme styles require a professional appointment. Create your own product for a few bucks and utilize it as a paste or heat it in the microwave then utilize it as a gel.


 Shaving with a razor definitely is the quickest and easiest method of ridding the hair, though its results are short-lived.

 Laser / IPL

 Utilizing pulsed lighting that disables the hair follicle, it is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for permanent hair reduction, yet not permanent hair removal. Usually, it is more appropriate for the ones who have lighter skin tones and darker hair because a laser targets the pigment.

 Even though there are home devices, they aren’t approved for using on the genitals, as with your bikini line. Pro laser hair removal treatments are necessary for genital hair removal.


 Electrolysis utilizes an electric current, has a solid track record and is the sole technique approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the permanent removal of hair. Unlike hair removal with a laser, you do not require a certain skin or hair color to achieve results.


 Such devices extract the hair from its root. While most folks complain of the pain as they first use epilators, they’re one of the methods of getting weeks of hair-free skin from the convenience of your home.

 Most price points and models are available. While the classic Epilady that has the coils remains in the marketplace, they’ve come a long way with numerous features such as changeable heads, angle guides, as well as speed levels.


 Depilatories are a solid alkaline product that breaks hair down, so that it may easily be wiped away. Depilatories take as much time as shaving to work their magic. You do need to remember that they don’t create as sharp of a tip like while utilizing a razor.

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Using Sugaring as Personal Care


Sugaring: what is it to you? Just your regular hair removal? Or is it a lot more than that? At Bare Body Sugaring, we understand that sugaring is much more than just being hair free.

 Sugaring also has personal care benefits! If you’ve obtained a sugaring service before, you might already know that sugaring is an ultra-effective exfoliant. As the hair is flicked away, so are dead cells. It’ll leave behind baby soft, smooth skin. If you’re getting routine sugaring, consider this. One time per month you come by for hair removal and your skin will get that new glow again.

 Our top skincare advice is for soothing skin irritation. If you see red skin bumps, we suggest an oatmeal paste treatment There are pre-made variants you may buy in grocery stores or drugstores, which you ought to utilize as instructed on the packaging. For a DIY method, what we prefer is crushing oats up and blending that with water to create a paste. Apply that to the irritated region. Allow that to sink into the skin like a mask. As it dries, rinse away the paste. Also, if you have a tub, add oatmeal to the bath water for an in-home spa experience. Remember that oatmeal pieces may clog your bathtub; therefore, plan accordingly by utilizing a filter bag, tea infuser, or strainer over its drain. In order to enhance the mood with a little aromatherapy, also use lavender buds! The relaxing and restorative properties of lavender washes your cares away.

Secondly, pay close attention to your body. If you see ingrown or red bumps, be your very own skincare sleuth. Do you see fabric from your clothing rubbing uncomfortably against your skin? That might be the culprit! Try to wear a breathable material or fit of clothing which matches your curves and angles. Check if there’s an improvement. Be open to adjustments and speak with the sugarist if you need suggestions. Most of us have undergone those struggles ourselves and we’re trained to support your beauty needs.

For optimal hair removal results, take a bath before the service, so the skin is free of all contaminants which might sneak into your freshly hair-free pores. For twenty-four hours, try to avoid activities which cause sweat or friction to the skin. This may result in needing an oatmeal bath that we discussed earlier, and healing may take up to 4 days. We know it may be difficult to resist a routine workout routine or additional vigorous activities. The smartest decision includes waiting one day before playing. The day after the service, follow all aftercare instructions by showering and delicately exfoliating the region which was sugared. It’ll help the skin’s natural process of restoration.

If you have any inquiries about how you can make your skincare regimen more advantageous to you, the majority of our sugaring techs will get very nerdy about the subject, so don’t hesitate to ask. We’re here for you!

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The Three Phases of Hair Growth

Under arms sugaring.jpeg

As we pull hair out using sugar, our aim includes removing the entire unit.  That includes the shaft, root, bulb, and sheath. The bulb will cover the papillae.

 Generally, our hair grows in 3 stages.  The Anagen phase is the first phase.

Papillae plumps and through the use of nutrients inside blood from your skin cells and capillaries, begins to grow hair. Within the process of growing, the cells double up every 23 to 72 hrs. The fresh hair utilizes a structure that looks like a tunnel to get to the surface. 

As we sugar a customer, his/her body temperature heats sugar and it’ll become more liquid and wick deep inside the follicle then wrap around the hair and the shaft.  As we take off the sugar we typically remove the bulb.  If there’s a touch of blood, referred to as “pinpoint bleeding” we’ll know that we have reached the papillae.  If we take out the entire papillae, that hair may not ever return.  If we left behind only a single cell, it’ll replace itself.  Here’s the great thing: if our professional witnesses pinpoint bleeding and he or she left a single cell behind, the hair will grow back, yet it never is going to be the hair it was at one time.

The anagen stage’s length will vary depending upon where on your body your hair grows.  The hair upon your head takes longer to grow and remains in the following stage longer.

 The following stage is the dormant stage. It is called the Catagen stage. The hair is no longer in the growing stage, but it still is obtaining nutrients from papillae and capillaries and is beginning to dry and shrink.  A translucent, thin sheath forms over the root and bulb. As the coating gets thicker, papillae get dryer and smaller until it breaks off then your hair is no longer attached to your body.  The sheath will become an anchor and keep the hair within the follicle without the use of energy from your body.  If our professional sugars as the hair is at this stage he/she might get the entire unit, yet there’s just a slight chance of damaging the papillae then weakening the growth of hair permanently. At the period of separation, it’ll move to the Telogen stage.

 It remains here until it sheds or pushes out by a fresh hair sprouting up beneath it.  Remember all 3 phases are occurring simultaneously.  Otherwise we’d be bald, and then furry, and then shaggy, and then bald once again.

 As a customer comes to our studio for the first time, there might be hairs right underneath the skin we cannot see, or just starting to sprout up.  If there’s a healthy bulb, chances are we will not get those hairs at that session.

 We recommend that a customer schedule a follow up appointment immediately after their first visit to assist in getting two of these phases together.  It’ll give the client an opportunity to have smoother skin for a longer period of time.  After around 4 - 6 sessions our professionals will assume that we have pulled every hair out at least one time. 

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