What You Can Expect When Arranging a Brazilian Sugaring

Before visiting your salon, there are some important things to take into consideration so the service goes smoothly. Firstly, the most vital preparation includes trimming the hair. Not too short, yet so the hair is around 1/4” – ½” in length for the most efficient sugaring. If the hair is too long, the sugaring is going to pull the skin rather than the hair which might cause some agitation. The wax won’t grab if the hair is too short and you will be left with stubble. The Esthetician ought to trim the hair for you, if you do not have the time.

Second, as you book the appointment, be certain to ask for a Brazilian sugaring, and not a bikini sugaring. There’s a big difference in the quantity of time those procedures require. If it’s your first Brazilian sugaring, the skin might welt a little.

The Appointment

Now that you have completed your due diligence, arrange an appointment for a Brazilian sugaring. You are trimmed, you are dressed in clothes which will not rub that area, and hopefully you have gotten familiar with the Esthetician a little.

Here is what you can expect once you are inside the room. Your Esthetician will invite you inside the room. There ought to be a towel on top of the bed, in conjunction with a cover to drape yourself.

You’ll need to take off your garments from the waist down and within some areas, you will be given a steamed towel so you can freshen up. It’ll assist in re-assuring you that everything down below is fresh, and it’ll help the Esthetician. The heat lifts the follicles and provides your Esthetician a better look into how to place the sugar. If you aren’t given a warm towel, it isn’t a huge deal to request one; they keep a stock in their hot cabbies full of them! As you are finished, simply toss it some place discrete, yet not inside the sink. The sink is actually a sanitized environment.

Climb on the bed and bring your smartphone or something that will distract you. Lay on top of the towel, yet underneath the drape. There’ll probably be a pillow that indicates which side of the bed you should lay your head on. Wait for a knock by the Esthetician.

Now that you are lying there, your Esthetician enters the room and helps place your mind at ease! Before starting, she will ask if there are any spaces you’d like to leave or if you’d like it all gone. Some women like to keep a little bit, and if you are one of those, be certain she knows exactly what you want.

Once your Esthetician is done, she will offer you a cool towel and cotton with an oily substance. First, use the cotton to take off any sticky or sugar substance which might remain. The towel is to take off the oil and cool the area down. Get dressed and go – you are done!

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What are the Benefits of Manscaping?

What is manscaping and why should men be doing it? Let us concentrate on the what first; manscaping is ‘the trimming or removal of hair on a male's body for cosmetic reasons,’ according to Google. Sounds unmanly and intimidating; however, it actually is very straight forward. Manscaping is merely smelling good, getting cleaned up, making a good impression, and feeling confident; therefore, do not fear it, embrace it.

You Will Look Better

Whether it is your abs, your pecs, or your manhood, groomed bodies look younger, cleaner, better defined and more toned. A distinctly extra benefit of keeping yourself groomed all over is the optical illusion of size. Trimmed groins accentuate your member and make you look more impressive and bigger.

It is more Hygienic

Hair collects, as well as retains all types of molecules; sweat, dead skin cells, and urine to name a few. If not extracted, those substances may begin to fester, particularly on a hot day, or in males who do not regularly shower. This sort of situation is the perfect breeding ground for yeast and bacteria, which includes STDs. Keeping hairs cut short means there’s less surface area for the detritus to cling to, thereby decreasing the unpleasant odors, the growth of yeast infections, and the spread of bacteria.

It Increases Confidence

Research consistently shows that males who take pride in their looks are more successful in both their personal and professional lives than males who neglect their appearance. Manscaping is all about placing your best foot forward, as well as presenting the best edition of yourself; one who’s sharp, groomed, and slick, even within your birthday suit. If you feel and look great, you will have more confidence in yourself, as well as be better perceived by other people.

You Will Sweat Less

Sweat exists to assist you in cooling the body down. With less hair coverage on the skin the body has a better ability of regulating body temperature. That means you will not have to sweat as much to release body heat, which makes you feel dryer and cooler, particularly in the summertime. In addition to feeling cleaner, less sweat means less smell and as hair decreases the effectiveness of antiperspirant it’ll give a double whammy within the odor department. If you are little nervous about tackling your entire body, shaving your pits is an excellent first step in decreasing sweating.

It May Improve Sex Life

While most partners enjoy the natural appearance, according to research, males who routinely groom their nether regions state receiving more oral pleasure from their partners. A well-groomed, clean manhood is more sensitive, because there is not a barrier between your partner and your organ - absolutely something to keep in mind. Being a manscaper actually means you seriously take care of your personal hygiene and are considerate of your intimate partner; thank us later. 😊

Whether it is for better sex or hygiene reasons, there are several benefits to manscaping yet overall you will find that you will feel and look better, cleaner, younger, and more confident.

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Drawbacks and Benefits of Laser Hair Removal vs. Sugaring

Sugaring: it’s an ancient method of hair removal similar to waxing. It’s believed to have been one of the original hair removal methods ever utilized, as it had its origins within ancient Persia in which it had been utilized since 1900 BC. It’s still used around the world today. Pro sugaring paste is designed with 100 percent natural ingredients, and there isn’t any heat necessary in the process; therefore, it’s believed to be more delicate than standard waxing. On the other hand, laser hair removal is just somewhat older than a teen. The technology comprises of a laser beam that causes localized damage by heating and targeting dark matter situated inside the hair follicles. Both techniques both have their cons and pros – here are some you should take into account when choosing which one is more appropriate for you:


There are numerous factors that should be taken into consideration, like personal pain threshold, skin sensitivity, and, in the particular instance of laser treatments, hair/skin color. Generally, sugaring paste does not require heat, and it just sticks to hair, not to the skin, so it’s said to be less painful than standard waxing. Generally, laser hair removal has been described as having a rubber band consistently snapped against your skin. For darker tones of skin, it’s usually more uncomfortable, as the laser targets melanin. The darker the skin tone is, the more melanin there is; therefore, your skin may get injured in the process.


Sugaring costs may vary anywhere from $10 - $110, depending upon the space you want to treat and whether you like to have it accomplished by a professional or if you’re brave enough to do it on your own. Laser treatments aren’t as affordable. Depending upon your location and which space of the body you need treated, an expert laser hair removal session may cost from $200 to $900 per procedure, and you require more than a single session to witness results.


It may be approached from two various perspectives. Firstly, the instant effectiveness, and secondly, its long-term effects. Sugaring is immediately effective and leaves the skin silky and smooth in one procedure. Laser treatments take five to six monthly treatments to accomplish results; therefore, if you have to have the hair on your legs or any other body part removed because you’re going on vacation in one week, you likely want to try sugaring.

Post-treatment care

Both procedures require careful post-treatment regimens. You must avoid sun exposure and all heat treatments, like having hot showers or going to a sauna. But, if you go through laser treatment, you always should use sunscreen for the duration of the procedure, as skin becomes extremely sensitive to sunlight and susceptible to darkening.

Some folks prefer an effective, well-known, safe method like sugaring, whereas others prefer to experiment with fairly new – albeit not 100 percent guaranteed – methods, like laser hair removal.

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What Hair Removal Method is Safe While Pregnant?

Pregnancy hormones usually make hair grow in thicker — occasionally in unwanted and unexpected spaces. While you ought to avoid some methods of hair removal while pregnant, there are numerous ways to safely become hair-free.

Threading and tweezing

For smaller hair removal projects — such as removing pesky chin hairs, shaping caterpillar eyebrows up, cleaning stray mustache hairs up and zapping the periodic nipple hair — threading and tweezing are likely your best bets. While it’s possible to conveniently tweeze while at home, threading is better left to the professionals. Because neither need any medical procedures or chemicals, both are safe while pregnant.


In order to remove undesired hair on bigger spaces, shave as necessary. Do not feel bad if you borrow a habit from your husband and begin to also shave facial hair: chin stubble, upper lip hair, and sideburns are simple care for daily using a razor. Both electric shavers and manual razors are safe for use; however, always make certain to utilize a new blade so you will be less likely to draw blood.

Sugaring and waxing

Sugaring and waxing — where a heated sugar mix is spread on the skin then lifted off to take off hair — both offer a long-term solution to your hair problems and are fine if pregnancy has not made your skin overly sensitive. As always, those products never should be used on the ears, nose, or nipples; over moles, varicose veins or warts; or on sunburned, chapped, or irritated skin. Check with your physician before you wax, as well, to figure out if there’s a reason that waxing isn’t suggested during pregnancy.

As your stomach grows you will likely have a more difficult time reaching — and seeing — your lady parts; therefore, a professional sugar wax or salon wax usually is the best option for hair removal while pregnant. Be certain the salon you select is sanitary; the technician must wear gloves and utilize a new spatula between applications in order to prevent sharing infections and germs between clients. Before the technician goes to town on the front of your forearm or bikini line, ask her/him to test wax on a tiny space of the skin to check if it reacts differently to waxing while pregnant.


Even though hair removal gels, creams, aerosols, lotions, and roll-ons might seem like a simple solution, the science still remains on whether they are safe while pregnant. Those products contain the active ingredients calcium thioglycolate and barium sulfide powder that affect the hair’s protein structure and causes it to dissolve into a jelly-like mass which may be wiped off of the skin. The chemicals have a distinct smell, which is unpleasant and in rare instances, has been well-known to cause allergic reactions. Therefore, while there isn’t any evidence that proves depilatory creams are dangerous to developing babies, it is probably better to skip them until after giving birth.

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Can Body Sugaring Permanently Remove Hair?

Body sugaring is an all-natural method of waxing the face and body with several additional benefits, as well. For the ones who consistently require body waxing and never had the experience of undergoing body sugaring, Bare Body Sugaring is going to share some of these benefits.

Does not Break your Hair

Waxes don’t remove all the hair. Around 30 percent of the hair breaks rather than getting removed. Usually the hair breaks at the surface or somewhat underneath your skin, giving a smooth feel, yet only for a short time period. Sugar paste envelops and grips the whole hair and removes your hair by its root, prolonging new hair growth.

More Sanitary

Sugar paste is created as it’s needed. It’ll never sit inside a pot until it’s used before new wax is added or that pot is cleaned. Also, if the sugar paste is made ahead of time, because of its high content of sugar, no bacteria will develop in the paste.

Does not Dry on the Skin

Occasionally wax cools down too quickly, making it hard to peel off or remove from the skin. As sugaring paste or wax cools, it still comes off of the skin even after it cools down. It does not matter how long it sets on your skin it’ll still peel off and remove your body hair.

It Does not Remove Skin

Since the sugar wax or paste is water soluble, it does not stick to the skin. While using standard wax, the skin cells on the surface often are removed with the hair. You are actually peeling a fine layer of skin off every time you wax. With sugary wax, the dead skin which already has loosened and is prepared to fall off goes with the hair, helping to maintain healthier appearing skin. It is stressful for the skin to extract living skin cells causing more discomfort as the skin is removed. In using the body sugaring technique, you’ll preserve the healthy skin cells and it is less painful.

Simpler Clean Up

Since sugaring wax is created from natural ingredients, it’s a lot easier to wash off. Warm water easily will wash the residue sugary wax away. The majority of waxes require an additional cleaner to remove the residue. Also, after the sugar wax is removed, it does not leave any residue afterwards. If the wax accidentally spills on the floor, counter top, or clothing, it easily can be washed away.

Prevents Burns

Hot waxes may burn your skin and leave behind ugly blisters or red bumps. Sometimes, the wax is going to get too hot and if the heat was not tested at first, it may cause mild burns or scarring. For the ones who’ve been burned before, you know how problematic that is. Sugaring is not heated. It’s just somewhat warmed before use, meaning no burning.

Contains Natural Ingredients

Sugar wax naturally is made from water, sugar, and citric acid, which does not irritate sensitive skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Sugaring

We here at Bare Body Sugaring often receive many questions about sugaring. Here, in this post we are going to cover our most often-asked questions to help clear up any speculation you have about sugaring as a method of hair removal.

Does Sugaring Hurt?

If you’ve been shaving, the initial treatment will hurt because of the fact that the bulb at the hair shaft’s base is enlarged. The more procedures you undergo, the weaker the roots get and the simpler it is to remove your hair.

How long will the hair need to be for sugaring?

Hair growth must be at least one-eighth of an inch to arrange a session for sugaring your legs, and for bikini or additional sugaring services, you must wait 3 to 4 weeks.

I once shaved/waxed, am I a candidate for sugaring?

Certainly! Just do not shave after you begin coming for sugaring, or else during each appointment you’re going to feel the same discomfort as the first time and the hair will lose all of the progress made.

Am I able to shave between procedures?

Please don’t use a razor between sessions as it’ll cause the hair to grow back stronger, darker, and more feel coarser.

How many sessions until the hair growth diminishes?

Depending upon how dense your hair growth is it’ll range from eighteen months, for the ones who have light hair growth, to three years or more, for the ones who have heavier growth.

How do I avoid any in-grown hairs?

Sugaring isn’t going to break the hair, it’ll remove the hair from its bulb. Then, if there are no broken hairs, there will be no ingrown hair. Doing sugaring frequently is going to prevent ingrown hair.

How do I get prepared for sugaring?

  • For legs, bikini area, chest, back, and arms: grow hair out in the application space to ¼” in length—just enough for the technician to target the roots, yet not long enough to where extraction is tricky.

  • Avoid sugaring or waxing up to 2 to 3 weeks before your session. If hair grows longer than ¼”, first trim the area.

  • Keep skin dry and clean. Avoid putting on lotions or additional topical products to the space before treating.

  • Before the facial sugaring session, keep the face clear of lotion, makeup, powder, and moisturizer.

  • For underarm: grow hair out for at least a week before the session.

  • For eyebrows: grow hair out for at least 2 weeks before the appointment.

Why is it better than waxing?

Wax has several chemical ingredients whereas, sugaring paste is created from 100 percent natural ingredients. Hot wax has to be heated to an extremely high temperature to become liquified. This level of heat may cause scarring and burning. Also, it causes swelling within the tissues, making hair removal challenging. Using on a long-term basis may break down underlying connecting tissues, particularly in the brow and lip regions which are related to wrinkling.

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